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Welcome to the Nursery!  All infants in our nursery have a primary caregiver who spends most of the day with that particular infant.There is no schedule for infants. In other words, they eat, sleep and play as they choose. If you have your child on a particular schedule we will try to maintain that routine daily. We work on tummy time, learning to roll over, crawling and eventually walking. Our staff enjoys providing sensory activities such as painting and water play. Throughout the week we also do many musical and exploratory activities which are developmentally appropriate for infants. As the babies grow and become toddlers we work on transitioning to sippy cups and eating table food. We encourage LOTS of communication between parents and caregivers. We would love to love your child!

Toddler I

Welcome to the Toddler I class! As toddlers we have lots of learning going on! We are becoming more independent and developing self-help skills. We are also growing and learning social and emotional skills like sharing and taking turns. We are encouraged to use words to express how we feel. We play with friends and have lots of fun while exploring the world around us. 

Toddler II

Welcome to the Toddler II class! We are getting even bigger now and can do more things for ourselves. We are using more words, sharing, learning to zip, button and snap and even use a Kleenex. We learn basic manners and say please and thank you. When we are ready we also work on potty training. Our days are full of activities!  We play in the gym or outside when it's nice. We have group time, art, story time, pretend play and music time. Our teacher is Miss Linda.


Welcome to the Preschool class! Now we are really getting big! We play with friends a lot but as we do we also work on communication skills so we can express our ideas and feelings. As we've grown we have also developed our reasoning, memory and logic so now we can start to learn some basic math and science concepts. We also are starting to recognize and write our names.

Pre-Kindergarten Class

Welcome to the Pre-K classroom! We are a great group of curious 4-5 year olds who are getting ready for a successful entry into kindergarten. We love to work, learn and play. We learn the Pledge of Allegiance and we practice treating others as we would want to be treated. We are starting to recognize the ABC's and basic sight words. We are getting much better at writing our names. Each week we learn and do activities based on a new theme. We are continuing to get better and better at taking turns and listening so that when we start Kindergarten we have great skills! 

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