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October - November

Classroom teachers and/or Miss Amy will have specific information about procedures in place to address COVID-19

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Pre-K News

July and August

We look forward to getting into a regular routine again and are grateful to those families who have stayed with us and supported the CEC these last months. We feel blessed!

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We are happy to be open to serve our families and welcome new ones.


We have strict COVID-19 protocols in place in compliance with the CDC, the  Ingham County Health Department and our daycare Licensing agency. 



As spring approaches classes will be enjoying more time outside on our playground and exploring outside for signs of spring. We will be learning lots about flowers and insects. Teachers will be sharing books on these topics and there will be lots of crafts and games to enjoy and emphasize learning.

It has been a long winter..



May Activities

As we head into May we will continue our spring themes making handprint flowers and playing in a fun Bug Tub filled with beans for some sensory activity. Preschoolers will practice scissor skills and Pre-K will finish the ABCs and practice sight words. All classes will make Mother's Day gifts.


We have put protocols in place following guidance from the CDC and Ingham County Health Department. In order to protect our families and staff we must enforce these rules strictly. We thank you for your patience.

Our director, Miss Amy, will have the most current info if you have questions.