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October - November

Classroom teachers and/or Miss Amy will have specific information about procedures in place to address COVID-19

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July and August

We look forward to getting into a regular routine again and are grateful to those families who have stayed with us and supported the CEC these last months. We feel blessed!

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Children in Indoor Playground


We are happy to be open to serve our families and welcome new ones.

Masks are no longer required

We have strict COVID-19 protocols in place in compliance with the CDC, the  Ingham County Health Department and our state child care licensing agency. For information contact our director Amy Larner.



Apples in a store


Along with our Pre-K friends we will create the CEC Apple Stand. We will pretend to sell apples with a cash register and scale to weigh them. We will also taste different varieties to explore different colors, crunchiness, and flavors.We will be reading "Up Up Up, It's Apple PickingTime" by Jodi Fickes Shapiro (which is Miss Amy's favorite book. At home try a couple varieties of apples and see what your child says about them!


Image by Fumiaki Hayashi

Toddler I and II Activities 

Our theme these next weeks will be Fall! Yay!

Activities will include apple roll painting, apple prints and learning a song/finger play called "Way Up High in the Apple Tree." Be sure to have your toddler teach it to you at home. 

Candy Apples

Pre-K Matters


As mentioned above, we will be operating the CEC Apple Stand with our Preschool friends.

Our class will create a graph on which apples the kids think are most crunchy, sweet, sour, and juicy. Understanding how to make a graph and exploring how things are similar yet different are great skills to get ready for kindergarten. We will also ready Little Mouse and the Big Red Apple by A. H. Benjamin. Our letter to work on is the letter "A."