News & Events

Toddler I & II Happenings


During group time in October we will be singling songs such as "five little pumpkins' and "leaves are falling." We will be reading some favorite books like Merry Scary Halloween by Ellen Appleby, and We Love Fall by Jill Dubin. Arts and crafts will include designing pumpkins, doing feet ghost prints, making witch hats and leaf rubbings after we collect leaves outside. Join us for our annual Halloween parade on October 30th!

Preschool Matters


In preschool we will be collecting leaves and pine cones to study and use to create art. We will chat about the changes happening outdoors and read books such as We're Going on a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger, Amazing Autumn by Jennifer Marino Walters and There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves by Lucille Colandro. Then we will celebrate Halloween by learning about pumpkin parts as we make a Jack O'Lantern and bake pumpkin seeds. Our Halloween party and parade will be October 30th.

Pre-K News


We will be discussing fall leaves by examining different leaves and learning why they change color in the fall. We will be touching, "raking" and observing leaves. Then we will being learning about pumpkins. We will be "carving" pumpkins and observing their "guts." We will do some pumpkin art projects and have a special treat or two so we can taste pumpkin. Yum! Next we will be celebrating Halloween with special art projects, books, sweet treats and our annual Halloween parade and party on October 30th. Pre-K will focus on the letter "C" and "D." 

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