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What others are saying about the CEC!

I have been a member of the CEC Board for 13 years. My granddaughter Zoe, age 7, was a student at the CEC from age 18 months until age 5 when she started kindergarten. My grandson Noah, age 3, has been at the CEC for two years. After having gone through CEC's classes from Toddler to Pre-K, Zoe was well prepared for kindergarten and now in first grade, is excelling. Her teacher tells her mom and dad that she is at the top of her class and is very respectful of others. Noah was a shy 1 year old when he started at the CEC. He is now outgoing and has developed a charming personality. Like his sister Zoe, he has learned his ABCs, counting, communications and sharing by the time he reached age 3. Being a Board member and grandmother of children enrolled at the CEC, I have observed how it is operated from two viewpoints. The CEC is staffed with well-trained, dedicated and loving teachers and aids. Many of the staff have been with the CEC for over 20 years. It is a Christian-based center with many group activities. As for the children, I can testify first-hand that they are lovingly taken care of and well prepared for kindergarten and life.

                                                                                          Michelle Kelly,

                                                                                         Grandmother and CEC Board member  

I currently have two children at the Child Enrichment Center. My oldest son has been coming to the CEC for the last 4 years. My favorite thing about the CEC is the caring, friendly and attentive staff. The staff is very approachable and always willing to listen and talk to the parents. It is very evident that the staff enjoy their jobs and love working with the children. My sons have learned many skills at the CEC - academically, socially and emotionally. Although I will be sad when my oldest son has to leave the CEC, I am confident that his experience at the CEC has prepared him for a sucessful transition to kindergarten.


                                                                                         Katie D.

Both of our children stared at the Child Enrichment Center as infants. Many of the caregivers have been teaching at CEC for years and this really caught our eye early-on in our search for childcare. We think this speaks volumes about the center and the vast experience really shows in the daily care our children receive. We love that each classroom has a curriculum that caters to the developmental stages of each age-group and our children continually experience and learn new things. We feel confident that our children's time at CEC will prepare them well for entering kindergarten. We especially appreciate the nurturing atmosphere and the communication we receive from staff. The daily peace of mind we have when dropping our children off at CEC has truly been a blessing for us.                                                                     Kerri U.

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